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Support category here was created to help you with using TaskPilot and guide you throught development of new Skills for your personal assistant. if you need our help simply ask here and hopefully our answers will be helpful for others.
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We’re genuinely thrilled to have you here in our “Show & Tell” category. It is specifically designed for you to share all of your exciting work related to TaskPilot Skills. Don’t hesitate to reveal the remarkable feats you’ve accomplished! We’re keen to learn about the newly honed skills and expertise within our community. We encourage you to share every piece of your work here, no matter how big or small. Let this be a space of creativity, growth, and shared learning. Let’s inspire and be inspired. We’re all here to learn, grow, and be inspired. So please don’t be shy and let us all admire your work.
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This is a place to inform us about any bugs that you come across. We will be grateful for all of your insight and will try to get rid of all reported bugs ASAP. Thank you for your help!


This is a place where we will announce all the inportant stuff. Read the posts here to stay updated as we change for you.